Product Description

Product Description

The C50 is a combination fitting which couples the F50 socket and the M50 slip-on fitting.  There is 170 degrees of variation in the angle that can be created with a combination fitting.

There are two different versions of the C50:

  • The C50 is joined together with a rivet.  This allows the two fittings to swivel freely.
  • The C50B is joined together with a bolt kit.  This allows the two fittings to be tightened together into a fixed angle.

Note: The primary purpose of the C50B is to reduce the movement between the F50 and M50 fittings in a railing application. The C50B needs to be used between at least two fixed posts/uprights or fixed connections, and should not be used to cantilever.

Common Usage

The C50 is typically used to create angular supports and braces within a structure.

The C50B is used whenever a tighter swivel connection is desired. We recommend using the C50B for swivel socket handrail applications such as our Surface C50 handrail kit.